Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League | Monthly General Body Meeting
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Monthly General Body Meeting

November General Body Meeting

Thursday, November 14, 2019
The Chicago Urban League
4510 S. Michigan Ave


Don’t miss this dynamic discussion on money matters!

Millennials have to deal with high rates of student loan debt while constantly battling rising prices for goods, services and rent. How can we secure the bag!? How can we secure our financial future? Our November speakers will provide insight on the ABC’s of financial literacy, outlining the keys to not only create wealth, but sustaining it as a young urban professional.

About the Speakers

jason conger

Jason Conger is a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual. He started investing when he was 12yrs old and grew from there to being an advisor full-time for over 3 years. Jason became a client 9 years ago while working as a chemical engineer for oil refineries around the world and transferred into being a financial advisor. Growing up Jason saw the mistakes and setbacks caused by having a lack of education around your finances and the detriments caused by not having a plan. As a Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor he aims is to help individuals, couples, families, and business owners improve their planning and give the generations that follow a head start.

india cooley

India Cooley is a  Metropolitan Board member and the sole proprietor of a financial planning business with Northwestern Mutual. Prior to embarking on this journey, she worked in financial aid in higher education. She has invested her time learning, studying, and teaching financial literacy to young professionals, college students and teenage boys in Chicago communities.  Her life’s mission is to empower generations and uplift communities through personalized strategic financial solutions. She believes that education and access to a variety of financial tools will allow families to begin the process of creating inter-generational wealth.  In her free time she enjoys listening to music, traveling the world and attending local and international festivals. She is also an avid Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears fan.