Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League | Message from the President
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Message from the President


Writing this message has been a challenge for me; not because I didn’t have enough words but because I had far too many. I do not take lightly the history, sacrifice, dedication, and hard work that has gone into creating and sustaining MetroBoard for the last 36+ years. In fact, not being from Chicago, and as an individual who did not grow up surrounded by the work of the Urban League, I come into this position with spectacular awe and reverence at what the leadership, and members, who came before me were able to cultivate and create.


Sadly, most people glance at a problem and walk by expecting someone else to fix it. As young professionals our lives are consumed by trying to reach a pinnacle of success that is almost all-consuming leaving little to give back to others. Yet and still, the members of this organization choose to reach out and uplift their community in every way they can. This is not just compassionate. It is heroic because their names will most likely not grace the pages of history books, but they will have still been a benefit to their fellow men and women in the moments when there isn’t a single promise of acknowledgment or fanfare.


Since I have come on board as President, we’ve had national moments of reflection and outrage. The reliving of the Central Park 5 injustice, the murder Botham Jeans, the murder of Atatania Jefferson, constant reminders of the wealth gap, civil rights legislation being rolled back and more, to name just a few.  The task in front of us seems daunting, but we rest on the shoulders of giants who have fought far more bleak odds with less than half of the resources afforded to us. Our community needs our collective mind, body, and souls unified to creating positive change if we have any hope of making progress. We are so mighty but siloed away in our own endeavors. So as the leader of this organization, I ask you to be present. No amount of time, money, or energy is too small because if we all just gave 1% of resources and energy, we can collectively create something astounding and crush the mightiest challenge.


I look forward to serving MetroBoard and the surrounding community as your President for the next two years. As we grow and learn together please know that I am always open to fervent dialogue which will lead us to action items that will continue to make our community, and world, a better place to live in for all generations. I encourage each of you to consider becoming a leader within the organization as well and being that beacon of light that you hope to see, remember many hand make light work. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Forever Yours in the Movement,

Kevin Itima
2019-2021 President
The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League