Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League | About the CUL
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About the CUL


The Chicago Urban League (Urban League) was one of the first affiliates of the National Urban League (NUL) organized in this country to address the needs of African Americans migrating from the rural South to the northern cities in unprecedented numbers at the dawn of the 20th century. As noted by Arvarh E. Strickland in his History of the Chicago Urban League (University of Illinois Press, 1966), the Chicago affiliate’s establishment was seen as an important step in the NUL’s program of expansion and as a base of operations for movement into the Middle West and parts of the West.


At the Chicago Urban League we believe that a strong African American community makes a stronger Chicago. For nearly a century, the Urban League—through unique community, corporate and civic relationships,—has helped people find jobs, affordable housing, educational opportunities, and grow businesses. We are passionate advocates for educational equality, economic development and social justice.


A strong African American Community is a better Chicago.


The Chicago Urban League works for economic, educational and social progress for African Americans and promotes strong, sustainable communities through advocacy, collaboration and innovation.


The Chicago Urban League is committed to implementing its mission with a strategic focus on educational equality, economic development and social justice and through the well-informed pursuit of the following strategies:

  • Ensuring access to quality education that prepares individuals to become lifelong learners and to be competitive and successful in the global economy.
  • Preparing individuals for work at all levels in an ever-changing economy, developing engaged citizens, and building strong families.
  • Supporting community based investment and growth through facilitating entrepreneurship, business development, and home and real estate ownership
  • Advocating for policies and programs that ensure equal participation by African Americans in the economic and social mainstream.


For more information on the Chicago Urban League please visit: